Lavelle Art Gallery Relaunch Party

Gavin with friends Carol Anne and Kevin

Gavin with friends Carol Anne Joyce and Kevin Griffin


We will remember this June Bank Holiday week end for a couple of reasons – firstly because it was the occasion of our much vaunted ‘relaunch party’ ( a plan we’ve had in the pipeline since we developed the gallery late last year ) and secondly because of the atrocious weather. I gasped when I read the forecast early last week and I tried desperately to find just one contradictory prediction but it all became a reality on Saturday night. They said we would have ‘heavy rain’ and they were not kidding. Torrential, whistle down the wind, sideways rain came down on Main Street, Clifden in a manner in which the most seasoned Connemara man or woman should only expect to witness in the depths of winter. Never in June, the second bank holiday week end of the ‘summer’ and us only twenty one days away from the solstice.

There was some swearing, but once I had convinced myself that all was not lost, we went about the business of hanging up balloons and bunting ( under the deluge ), poured ourselves a drink and waited for people to arrive. Here’s where bad turns good because they came, in spite of the weather, they came. Friends, artists, neighbours, customers and fellow shopkeepers walked through the doors until there was no more room to move. We were overwhelmed by the crowd and the extraordinary good will that they shared with us over the next few hours. Those that were unable to come sent us messages by phone and email and we received cards and flowers throughout the day, which was truly unexpected. We are still talking about it two days later and will be for some time.


Helen Ferguson and Kathleen Joyce at the party

Helen Ferguson and Kathleen Joyce



Timea Varga and Peter Huszti

Timea Varga and Peter Huszti



Catherine Lavoie and Alice Kennelly

Catherine Lavoie and Alice Kennelly


Thanks to everyone who braved the weather on Saturday night, and for all the support and good wishes that came our way. And here’s to a long hot summer ahead.




by Deborah Watkins