I create abstract paintings using acrylics and mixed media. They are based on colour, texture and mood. My work varies from relatively dark tones to almost ethereal lighter moods.

My paintings are not representational yet the freeness of style can lead to a broad range of interpretations. Each eye will see something different, therefore making any piece individual to that person, also letting it become theirs.

When creating my art I’ll use colours and textures that I’m drawn to on the day. I continue to work on a painting until I know it is finished. Artistic judgement tells me if a piece is evolving, I can then decide if I feel the piece has depth of interest and is aesthetically pleasing to my eye.

It is difficult to describe my own work as it has come from within me. To simplify it would mean to simplify me. My character, emotions, feelings and moods are all encapsulated in my pieces. My intention is not to paint so I can go on to dissect or analyse my own work; it is to create something that I get enjoyment from and hope to pass on to others. The paintings may be how I see myself but in different ways. They are little fragments of me.