The Lavelle art gallery is proud to represent Eileen Meagher who is one of Ireland’s most accomplished landscape artists. Eileen studied painting at the National College of Art and Design and she has been living in Connemara for over twenty years. She has been recognised for her unique ability to translate the light and beauty of the Connemara landscape into oil paint. The roar of winter, the smell of turf and the soft hues of summer emanate from her paintings which can be found in government departments, embassies and private collections throughout the world.

‘The Spirit of the West’

‘Glistening rocks, water cascading down mountains belching from gorges and overfilling streams. Mountains draped in cobwebby clouds. The blackness of turf stacks silhouetted against hazy blue mountains.

Sheep everywhere! Ponies grazing on hillsides, cattle cooling by lakes, roofless ruins of famine cottages dotted all over the land that was once so densely populated. How many artists have stood on the lonely road by Doo Lough with the ghosts of the past. Ridges in tiny fields halfway up mountains that gave hope of a meal. Beaches without a single footprint, deserted land.

Dark evenings in winter with a wonderful scent of turf smoke in the air. The beauty of the place has obsessed me and I strive daily to translate into paint the spirit of the west.

Until I accept that I cannot achieve the impossible I will always be learning.’

Eileen Meagher 

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