Winter Jasmine

We’ve been away and hence the inactivity here and elsewhere. My family and I have just returned from a culture ( and fun ) soaked trip to London – more about that another time and much work to do here on the painting front. However I pause today to post a photo of my gorgeous Winter Jasmine plant. This was green and unremarkable before we left and now it is a tumble of delicate scented flowers. This is remarkable for me who has failed many times with this garden. Dead plants have often been flung into the hedge by me in a fit of disappointed pique. This little wonder was bought in Lidl two years ago when I was tempted by attractive packaging and the promise of sweet scent but it looked like a small stick. I was pleased when it didn’t die and seemed to settle into our thin and loamy soil. This year I attempted to train it up the side of the hen coop by tucking little sprigs into the wire and low and behold it took off!

I think our hens are very pleased with their new surroundings – might even make for tastier eggs..


My Winter Jasmine plant