Finished Sea scape

I’ve been working on this one for a while now. This is where I left it …


Mannin painting, unfinished



This is the finished painting below. I’ve added more buildings and telegraph poles to the landscape to make this a seaside community under the eye of the storm, rather than just a lone building.


Mannin painting, finished



I’ve given the sea a bit more substance with more paint and I’ve used some more gold in the clouds. Finally, I’ve used charcoal to darken the surface a few degrees.

Recording the stages of work on this blog has been an interesting process for me and sometimes I wonder if I should have left the painting at an earlier stage. I am often tempted to darken things towards the end of a piece. What do you think in this case?

White horses passing by

I took these photographs on my phone last week on Mannin beach which is just south of Clifden. It was the last day of school so my three daughters and I headed for the beach in the afternoon with a picnic. Mannin hosts a hard to rival string of beaches along its coastline near the village of Ballyconneely. We spotted these white horses in the distance when we reached the shore.


White Horses 1



They had spotted us too and lost no time in moving towards us.


White Horses 2



Such a beautiful sight, almost surreal against the backdop of sand and sky.


White Horses 3