Spring is in the Air

Lavelle Art Gallery with bicycle

It’s been a long cold winter but spring is in the air at the Lavelle Art Gallery!

We are getting ready for a photo shoot this week and we are looking forward to showing off our brand new shopfront. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks searching for flowers ( not so easy in February ) but struck gold at the Dangan nurseries in Galway where they planted up my window boxes and baskets with a colourful array of primroses and variegated ivy.


Lavelle Art Gallery shopfront



The bicycle is mine and it is looking very chipper with its new baskets I’m sure you’ll agree – it’s near pristine condition is due to it’s disgraceful lack of use on my part as I am an extremely tame cyclist, preferring to mooch along rather than going for much in the way of exertion. A bonus all in all for the purposes of display and our photo shoot 😉 I will post the professional pictures as soon as we have them..





by Deborah Watkins