Renovations – Progress!

New tiles for the fireplace

It occurs to me that I may be the only person on the planet who is seriously interested in what I am about to impart – the sad fact is that my life has been more or less taken over with the gallery renovation since it began earlier this summer. The exciting news is that we are making progress! The walls are now plastered and almost ready to paint, just a few more days for drying. The old carpet has been removed and I believe that the new flooring is going down as I type. At last we can get a feel for what this room will look like. Well, I’m getting a feel for it in any case šŸ˜‰


Upstairs room after the plastering

New gallery room looking more like a room




Today I made a special trip into the city to look for some tiles to replace the original fireplace surround that has been badly damaged. I had thought we would keep the originals because they belong to the surround and the graceful art nouveau motif really suits this style of fireplace. However, several of the tiles are cracked, some are badly stained and two are falling apart. I realised that they might not work against the brand new walls and there’s the possibility that they could deteriorate further. After a bit of online research, I headed straight for a fantastic little shop in Galway called Feature Fireplaces ( ) where I picked up these little beauties. I don’t think I could have stumbled on a more perfect set of tiles and I practically whooped for joy when I saw them. It is great to see that specialist shops such as this are still doing business six years into this infernal recession and I hope that this one continues and prospers.


New tiles for the fireplace

New art nouveau style fireplace tilesĀ 



With Christmas just around the corner, the pressure is on to get everything finished so all going well, my next batch of photos will be of the finished room..


by Deborah Watkins