Rain, Rain

With friends at Clifden Library

This Christmas was one of the mildest and wettest in my recent memory. We’ve had almost three weeks of rain now. I’m struggling to remember a rain free day in that time. G tells me it was fine on New Years Day and I can’t figure out how I missed it! Must have had my head in a book when the sun came out! I took these photos at the week end out on the Bog road to Moyard. It was pouring rain at the time, had been raining since early morning and there was a thick mist hanging low and covering everything in the middle and far distance save for a haze of trees and telegraph poles. Several of the images are blurred due to drops landing on the lens. I quite like the some of  the results though. There’s a drama about them, a romance that I would love to be able to translate in to paint. Here’s some more blurry shots.


Wet day in Connemara




Rain on Bog Road




Fence on rainy day in Connemara




Wet Bog in the rain

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