Photo Shoot

Gavin Lavelle and Deborah Watkins outside the Lavelle Art Gallery

Here are our photographs as promised and this time taken by the professional – Aoife Herriott who lives and works in Connemara. Aoife came out to the gallery this week to shoot the outside of the shop ( and us ) and to take some photos of the interior.

Although Clifden is quiet in February, it was no easy task and I lost count of the amount of cars that tried to park right in front of the shop during the shoot! The professional prevailed and Aoife managed to get all the shots in a calm fashion before lunch time. Very impressive.

Here’s us outside the shop, don’t we look the part?

A close up of us outside the gallery




And here are the photos of the interior – downstairs first –

Main gallery room




Inside the Lavelle Art Gallery




Downstairs at the Lavelle Art Gallery




And our new room upstairs.

Upstairs at the Lavelle Art Gallery




Upstairs at the Lavelle Art Gallery




We are absolutely delighted with these as they really show the gallery as it is today, in spanking good nick and all spruced up for the season ahead. Drop by if you are in Clifden or visit us online at Check out Aoife’s photography website too at


by Deborah Watkins