Irish Folk Furniture


This beautiful Irish film is debuting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and is available to watch on YouTube. It’s an animated documentary short directed by Tony Donoghue and was it funded by the Irish Film Board, RTE and the Arts Council. It charts the restoration of sixteen pieces of traditional Irish furniture from the forgotten dusty corners of old sheds back into the homes where they once held pride of place. The film which runs just under nine minutes, took three years to make – the furniture took several months to dry out before it could be worked on and the outdoor animation was often problematic due to the vagaries of the Irish weather.

In an interview ‘Road to Sundance 2013,’ Donoghue described the film as a piece of ‘pro furniture propaganda: an attempt to show the beauty and social significance of this rural furniture’. He talks about the inspiration for the film as the desire to investigate the discarding of furniture that had been part of families for up to 150 years. He found that there is a strong historical association between these old pieces and general hard times but he also talks about the love of the people and their stories – ‘ I was shocked by the beauty of the personal histories associated with every single item.’

It’s a gem of a film and lets hope it gets the success it deserves at Sundance.



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