Into June

I drove out towards Moyard with my camera this week in search of some seasonal colour – the luminous green of new growth and some pinks and purples from the bog flowers. I did not find what I expected – yes there is new growth but it does not seem as striking to me as in other years and the bog flowers are certainly not in abundance yet. Perhaps it is still too early and there is no doubt that we have had very little sunshine so far this year. May was one of the wettest on record and June has not fared much better so far, even rain free days have been mostly cloudy. I looked up an old photograph taken near the same spot in January, two years ago ( below ). I find this photo oddly beautiful but it is the result of a random accident ( raindrops on the lens ) which brought some unexpected atmosphere to the piece. The colours of the grasses are surprisingly much the same in the two images and even the blue June sky can’t compete with the still russet grasses of winter in my view.


Moyard under rain



It’s a curious time as we seem still in the grip of the old season and yet we are fast approaching the longest day of the year and the moment when everything turns once again towards winter.


June landscape, near Moyard



We may not have heat and colour but there is a great compensation in the light which is extraordinary at this time of year in Ireland. There is almost no darkness to speak as the sun sets as late as 10pm and the dawn rises before 5am. It is here to be savoured over the next few weeks.

by Deborah Watkins