Gallery Studios and September Exhibitions

Debbie's Studio

My Studio on the top floor of the gallery


As our season reaches something of a lull during the back to school period, Gavin and myself are busy making work for two forthcoming exhibitions. Gavin is finishing some large paintings for an exhibition to be opened shortly in the Toradh Gallery in County Meath. Collectively, it is the largest body of work that he has produced since he developed his collage/painting technique about six years ago. The show will consist of five paintings, each approximately 4′ x 5 ‘ alongside two smaller works.  We have arranged for a professional photographer to take pictures of them before they depart and I will post these images when I have them. Today Gavin was putting the final touches to some of the paintings. Most of these large works have been coated with a layer of resin which gives a glass like appearance to the finished piece ( as you can see on this map of Ireland below ).


Gavin's Studio

Gavin’s Painting Studio at the back of the gallery with one of the paintings for the Toradh Gallery show



Gavin's Studio

Evidence of busyness in Gavin’s Studio ( ahem ).



Meanwhile I am also preparing a group of paintings for an exhibition to be held in Clifden Library during the Clifden Arts Week festival, also opening this month. My show is something of a garnering of the type of work I have done since I began painting full time in 2008, except that I too am working on a larger scale than I would normally. My show will consist of about ten to twelve paintings ranging in size from 10″ x 12″ to 18″ x 24″. I embarked on bigger work when I moved my studio to the gallery building this year. I had been working in a corner of our living room at home but I now have a room of my own in the top story of our gallery, looking out over Main street. Let’s just say that being able to make a mess without worrying about how to remove acrylic stains from the sofa is something of a marvel.


Debbie's Studio

Another shot of my studio – even the dog is exhausted



Gavin’s show will be opened on September 15th and my exhibition will be launched on the 18th. The question I have been asking myself over the past few weeks is just how we managed to organise two shows to take place on opposite sides of the country during the same week? More updates once the dust has settled.



by Deborah Watkins