Gallery Renovations


The Gallery is closed at the moment because we are renovating a room upstairs in order to extend our gallery space. This room would have been the main sitting room when Gavin’s grandparents lived in the house and it is directly over the existing gallery. We closed our doors last week and put the art into storage, covering every remaining object left with sheets of polythene. We were told to anticipate dust and it has arrived!



Empty gallery space



We cleared out the upstairs room ourselves this month and work began in earnest during the week under the guidance of Marty Courcy whom we know very well over the years. Everything in the room was stripped back to the old stone – we hardly recognised the space when we went in after the first day. The only objects left standing are the fireplace and the door which we have decided to keep as original features. We want to maintain the integrity of this lovely space so that it retains the ambiance of a living room, allowing people to see the artwork as it might appear in their own homes.



The room upstairs – the before photo..



The interior wall revealed an old style of construction called lath and plaster which combines thin horizontal strips of wood between the studs, filled with plaster. The ceiling is interesting too, none of the beams were sawn, rather they were hewn with an axe so there are no straight lines. I was intrigued with the idea of how long it has been since the skeleton of the house was exposed, more than two hundred years we think..



Interior wall and ceiling timbers



It’s an exciting time for us and I am looking forward to taking more pictures and posting them here when it is all finished. We plan to reopen in early December in good time for Christmas, but we will keep you posted..



by Deborah Watkins