This is Clifden, the town where I live. It’s known as the capital of Connemara and we are right on the edge of the West coast of Ireland.  It is a glorious place to live and work, surrounded by dramatic mountains and beautiful coastline.


Photo of Clifden
( photo by Bert Kaufmann)



Photo of Clifden bay


I took this next photo, just outside the town on the coast. I often go for walks along here with my family and I used this picture as a reference for the painting below.


Painting of Clifden bay



I mostly use acrylic paint and ink in my paintings. When I use them together, the colours bleed in to each other which can create interesting effects. You can see this in the top right hand corner of this painting. This effect particularly harks me back to the glazes of my old ceramic career. I decided to apply the paint in different ways in this piece also, thick in some areas and almost washed out in others to give the painting surface some diversity. What do you think?

by Deborah Watkins